You must get a permit to wear a mask on halloween

Wow, these law makers really need to think about what laws they are putting in the book.

17-32 Mask or disguise–Wearing.

No person shall wear a mask or disguise on a public street without a permit from the sheriff.

(Code 1959, � 4237.2)

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    • this is a real law, like the first comment says. this law says NOTHING about halloween.



      September 1, 2011

    • these are fake man no way these laws are real



      May 17, 2011

    • So we now live in a world where even a Super-Hero has to get permission from The Illuminati (Ultimately) to wear a mask in public…


      Who-WHO will watch The Watchmen?




      November 7, 2010

    • Someone probably posted this “law” here for shock-value. If it were true, all halloween stores would have a sign posted or something to that effect. Lol, good fake law, though. (:



      September 17, 2010

    • halloween haters >_<



      February 1, 2010

    • Most mask laws were started to keep the Klan from wearing hoods when they marched. Would you like a large idiot group who preaches violence all wearing disguises to avoid proper prosecution when some of them incite violence?
      Most places have ammended the laws to exclude Halloween celebrations or children under a certain age. You make this law (and yourself) look stupid by selective editing and lack of historical exposition. It is not.



      February 8, 2009

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