Stupid Montana Laws

Having an ice picks attached to your car tire is illegal

This sort of traction enhancement is prohibited.

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    Pool tables in a billiard hall must be viewable from the street

    19-30 Screens in Pool Rooms

    It shall be unlawful for any person or the agent of employee of any person owning or conducting any place of business wherein is kept any pool table, billiard table or bagatelle table to place in front of the room or across the inside of the room, wherein is kept any such pool table, billiard table or bagatelle table for hire or gain, any screen, blind, curtain, shutter, painted, colored or ground glass or any article of furniture or any obstruction that would prohibit the view of such pool table, billiard table or bagatelle table from the street in front of such room or place of business wherein is kept any of the tables above described. (R.O. 1947  916)

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      It is illegal to use your lawn sprinkler to annoy passerbyers

      5-9-2: Lawn Sprinklers

      No person shall place any revolving fountain, hose or lawn sprinkler so that the water from the same shall be thrown upon any street or sidewalk to the annoyance of passersby, and no person shall cause water to flow over or upon any street or sidewalk. (1979 Code)

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        Folfing at night is prohibited

        The game of folf or disc golf (D-Golf, Frisbee Golf, or Frolf) may not be played at night in the town of Helena, Montana.

        5-13-2: Folfing Prohibited

        No person shall play or engage in the game of folf or throw a golf disc at nighttime in any area within the business improvement district that has not been sanctioned as a designated folf course by the city. (Ord. 2797, 6-23-1997)

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          Throwing any hard objects by hand is prohibited

          This law would make snowball fights and mud slinging illegal.

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            And the band marches on… required in clubs where alcohol is served

            A band performing in a club that serves alcohol is prohibited from leaving the stage.

            Sec. 3-301. Live entertainment to remain on platform while performing.

            The owner or proprietor of an establishment selling alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption may permit in the establishment instrumental and/or vocal music or entertainment and/or radio and television entertainment whether such entertainment is provided by paid or voluntary live male or female entertainers or performers or by mechanical, electrical, electronic or other comparable device or equipment; provided, that all live entertainment as herein specified shall be performed on a platform or other exclusive area provided for such purpose, and no entertainer or performer whether male or female shall be permitted to leave such platform or area while entertaining or performing.

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              It is illegal to bring a rocket launcher or XM307 25mm Airbursting Weapon System to council proceedings

              Mental note: Keep ACME explosives and future weapons at home when attending council proceedings.
              Sec. 18-204. Prohibiting weapons, firearms and explosives at city council proceedings.

              (a) Statement of authority and purpose.

              (1) Section 45-8-351, MCA authorizes cities to prevent and suppress the carrying of concealed or unconcealed weapons to public assemblies under its jurisdiction;

              (2) Section 45-8-328 (1) (a), MCA prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons with or without a permit in any building owned or leased by a local government;

              (3) Section 45-8-333, MCA prohibits the possession of explosives where such possession intimidates, terrifies or endangers another human being; and

              (4) The security of city council proceedings and the safety of its participants are of paramount concern.

              (b) Definitions.

              (1) Council proceedings means all regularly scheduled meetings of the Billings City Council, all specially-called meetings of the city council and all agenda meetings of the city council wherever such meetings may be held.

              (2) Destructive device means:

              a. An explosive or incendiary material or any other similar chemical substance including, but not limited to, that which is commonly known as tracer or incendiary ammunition, except trace ammunition manufactured for use in shotguns;

              b. A bomb, grenade, explosive missile or similar device or a launching device therefore;

              c. A weapon of a caliber greater than .60 caliber which fires fixed ammunition or any ammunition therefore, other than a shotgun or shotgun ammunition;

              d. A rocket, rocket-propelled projectile or similar device of a diameter greater than .60 inch or a launching device therefore and a rocket, rocket-propelled projectile or a similar device containing an explosive or incendiary material or any other similar chemical substance other than the propellant for the device, except devices designed primarily for emergency or distress signaling purposes;

              e. A breakable container which contains a flammable liquid with a flashpoint of one hundred fifty (150) degrees Fahrenheit or less and which has a wick or similar device capable of being ignited, other than a device which is commercially manufactured primarily for the purpose of illumination.

              (3) Firearm means any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of any explosive; the frame or receiver of any such weapon; or any firearm muffler or firearm silencer or any destructive device.

              (4) Law enforcement personnel means:

              a. Any sworn peace officer of the City of Billings;

              b. Any sworn peace officer of the State of Montana;

              c. Any officer of the United States Government authorized to carry a concealed weapon;

              d. Any member of the armed services or reserve forces of the United States or National Guard while in performance of their official duties;

              e. A person summoned to the aid of any of the persons named in subsections a. through d.;

              f. A probation and parole officer authorized to carry a firearm by the Montana Department of Corrections;

              g. An agent of the Montana Department of Justice or a criminal investigator in a county attorney’s office;

              h. A person authorized by the Billings chief of police to carry or possess an unconcealed weapon on city property.

              (5) Weapon means a dirk, dagger, pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, firearm, slingshot, sword, cane, billy, knuckles made of any metal or hard substance, razor (not including a safety razor) or other deadly weapon or destructive device.

              (c) Prohibition of weapons, firearms, and destructive devices at city council meetings. The carrying or possession of weapons, firearms or destructive devices at Billings city council proceedings by any person except law enforcement personnel is prohibited.

              (d) Signing. Suitable signs giving notice that weapons, firearms and destructive devices are prohibited at city council proceedings will be posted in appropriate areas.

              (e) Penalties. A person convicted of carrying or possessing weapons, firearms or destructive devices at city council proceedings shall be fined not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) or by imprisonment not to exceed six (6) months or both.

              (Ord. No. 98-5068, � 1, 9-28-98)

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                Indians traveling in a group of seven are more are considered a war party

                This law states that it’s considered a war party or raiding if seven or more indians travel together therefore making it legal to shoot them.

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                  Missionary style is the only position allowed between and man and a woman

                  Here’s a law that takes all the fun out of having sex.

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                    Movies with felonious crimes are considered a misdemeanor

                    It sounds like only Disney movies are allowed in this town.

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                      It’s illegal to sacrifice an animal in the presense of a minor

                      Be sure to check IDs before you commence with the sacrificial ritual.
                      45-5-627. Ritual abuse of minor — exceptions — penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of ritual abuse of a minor if the person purposely or knowingly and as part of any ceremony, rite, or ritual or of any training or practice for any ceremony, rite, or ritual:

                      (b) actually or by simulation tortures, mutilates, or sacrifices an animal or person in the presence of the minor;

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                        A chaperone is requied if you’re traveling with a sheep in the cab of your truck

                        This is to prevent any funny business from happening between the sheep and the driver.

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