Indians traveling in a group of seven are more are considered a war party

This law states that it’s considered a war party or raiding if seven or more indians travel together therefore making it legal to shoot them.

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    • It would be nice if the law[s] described here also includes the actual code by title, chapter, section, clause etc. TX



      July 28, 2014

    • Yeah, but metizo are becoming a newer dominant native race in the Americas, we are more dominant in latin America and easily replacing whites in the US and soon Canada. The reason why white can’t compete is because they don’t want kids, which is stupid, blacks, same reason plus a good majority make their ancestor shun them. I’m sorry but we own the Americas and neither the white man nor indian an change this. Go back to Europe white trash, pave way for a new race former native trash and Africa don’t want lazy criminal niggers, welcome back to slavery.


      Imperial americas

      August 23, 2012

    • this is such bullshit considering im full blooded native american myself.i say this is a racial slur and discrimination considering natives were here in the americas
      before ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!


      chris perez

      April 27, 2012

    • I think another state has the same law, with more rude other laws agains’t the native american. (little brain they do have!)



      December 22, 2011

    • thanks zack you are a great american



      April 27, 2011

    • So Guess we’re going to have to cancel that tour group from Calcutta and New Delhi….



      April 3, 2011

    • The law is, sadly, still on the books. Actually shooting at them would be unwise; they are entitled to defend themselves, and there are at least seven of them …



      February 20, 2011

    • actually this law is not active as of 1980 due to kids in government class at billings senior high my dad was in that class


      zach powers

      January 15, 2010

    • Violated EVERY day in Glacier county…and every other part of MT. I call BS on this one.


      Nefarious Necrologist

      October 10, 2009

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