A chaperone is requied if you’re traveling with a sheep in the cab of your truck

This is to prevent any funny business from happening between the sheep and the driver.

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    • take it from a montana native and resident, these law are real, they are still on the books, they are not heeded to… except maybe the sheep thing :)



      January 17, 2012

    • yeah none of these laws are true, they’re hilarious but also ridiculous. clearly whoever put these “laws” on the website have never set foot in montana.



      May 21, 2011

    • screw all of u. let me guess u hav nvr ben there



      August 16, 2010

    • damn, there goes date night.


      Nefarious Necrologist

      October 10, 2009

    • That law is probly a good and safe law for montana. And im sure the sheep love it. Because there is a lot of sick hillbillys down here.



      March 23, 2009

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