Missionary style is the only position allowed between and man and a woman

Here’s a law that takes all the fun out of having sex.

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    • mufuga, i glad someones staying abrest about the beastality going on in montana, thanks for the warning.



      April 27, 2011

    • haha, well, that doesn’t put a limit on the positions allowed between a woman and a woman or a man and a man, now, does it? XD I feel like I beat the system.



      October 19, 2009

    • ROTFLMAO IF it’s still on the books it’s unenforcable. Not to mention if you only get your big “O” in the missionary posistion you’ve been with inferior lovers.


      Nefarious Necrologist

      October 10, 2009

    • Nah, 69 is way better


      Supreme Commander

      May 3, 2009

    • Its the only way i can get the BIG-O!!!!


      R. Dorothy Reply:

      “Cast in the name of God, ye not guilty.”

      We have come to terms, Big O.



      April 3, 2009

    • Haha well that law get broke alot…..like hudreds of times a day out here people forgot the possition.



      March 23, 2009

    • You’re an idiot. This is not a law in Montana. Can you cite the Montana Code Annotated that states this “law”?



      January 19, 2009

    • the purpose of this law is actually to curb the bestiality going on



      September 26, 2008

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