No biting in boxing matches.

Any boxing match that allows biting is not allowed, there goes any hope of Mike Tyson boxing in Utah!

76-9-705. Participation in an ultimate fighting match.

(1) For purposes of this section, “ultimate fighting match” means a live match in which:

(a) an admission fee is charged;

(b) match rules permit professional contestants to use a combination of boxing, kicking, wrestling, hitting, punching, or other combative, contact techniques; and

(c) match rules do not:

(i) incorporate a formalized system of combative techniques against which a contestant’s performance is judged to determine the prevailing contestant;

(ii) divide a match into two or more equal and specified time periods for a match total of no more than 50 minutes; or

(iii) prohibit contestants from:

(A) using anything that is not part of the human body, except for boxing gloves, to intentionally inflict serious bodily injury upon an opponent through direct contact or the expulsion of a projectile;

(B) striking a person who demonstrates an inability to protect himself from the advances of an opponent;

(C) biting; or

(D) direct, intentional, and forceful strikes to the eyes, groin area, adam’s apple area of the neck, and temple area of the head.

(2) Any person who publicizes, promotes, conducts, or engages in an ultimate fighting match is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

Enacted by Chapter 83, 1997 General Session

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