Motorists, light off a rocket every 10 miles.

If you are driving on a country road at night then you must stop every mile and send up a fucking rocket signal then wait 10 minutes and proceed to the next mile to light off your flair. This is because it will clear the road of livestock.

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    Filed in: Pennsylvania

    • second time ever iv herd pa been called Pennsyltucky but i do agree on that.



      April 5, 2012

    • I think they mean Flare Rockets, they are completely legal in the state to own and use.



      November 11, 2009

    • Am I the only one who obeys this law or what?



      August 20, 2009

    • what else do you expect from Pennsyltucky?!?!….LOLOL


      Sanjay Babaganoosh

      January 6, 2009

    • Guess you can’t drive then.



      November 29, 2008

    • If you can’t buy fireworks, how are you supposed to send up rockets?



      February 12, 2008

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