It’s Illegal to put your dog in the back of the truck

smiling-dog-back-of-pick-up-truckIn Anchorage, Alaska – Some may not have a problem with putting a dog in the back of a pickup, but if you did that in Alaska, wouldn’t you soon have frozen dogicicles instead of pets?

9.36.150 Carrying animals on outside of vehicle. No person driving a motor vehicle shall transport any animal in the back of the vehicle in a space intended for any load on the vehicle on a street unless the space is enclosed or has side and tail walls to a height of at least 46 inches extending vertically from the floor, or the animal is cross tethered to the vehicle, or is protected by a secured container or cage, in a manner which will prevent the animal from being thrown, falling or jumping from the vehicle. (CAC 9.36.150; AO No. 78-72; AO No. 82-191; AO No. 89-52)


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