You can sell them, but you can’t own them, play them, or even show them.

I guess they have a real problem with pinball machines in El Monte

Section 9.24.010 Definitions.For the purposes of this chapter the following words and phrases shall have the meaning and shall be construed as hereinafter set forth:

“Any game similar to a marble game” means “B alley,” “alley” and any other miniature mechanical bowling game device, by whatever name called, any table, cabinet or mechanical device equipped for the playing of any game whereby any marble, ball, pellet or any moving object is propelled, rolled, shot or released toward a goal, pin, set of pins, or other objective by means of any plunger, ejector, mechanical bat, mechanical hand, or by means of any other striking or releasing mechanism which is affixed or attached to the table or cabinet, or which is an integral part of the mechanical device or which is mechanically manipulated, controlled or guided, and which game is so contrived that, at the conclusion of the operation or play thereof the score or result of play thereof is visible or otherwise discernible so as to permit or make practicable the paying off or awarding of a prize or reward upon the operation or play of the game.

“Horse racing machine” means any mechanically operated amusement machine or device contrived to simulate in miniature the running of a horse race or any other race run by beasts, humans or machines, or which is contrived to put in motion any number of objects or symbols which then do, or appear to, run or move against each other in the manner of a miniature race, or which is designed to represent, by symbols, the running of any race and the order of the finish therefor.

“Marble game” means any table, cabinet or stand equipped for the playing of a game whereby marbles or balls are, with the aid of a mechanical plunger or other affixed device, propelled, released, shot or rolled so as to drop or come to rest in holes, slots, cups or traps, resulting in a score or tally being electrically or otherwise registered or shown, which score or tally depends upon the course followed or point reached by the marble or ball or upon the contact points touched by it along its course, or upon any combination of such factors.

“Pin game” means any table, cabinet or mechanism equipped for the playing of any game whereby any marble, ball, pellet, or other moving object is propelled, released, rolled or shot along, over or above a surface set with pins, pegs or other obstructions or irregularities which deflect or impede the course of the moving object or which may divert or direct it beyond the control of the player. (Prior code � 4275)

Section 9.24.020 Possession prohibited.

A. No person shall use, keep, operate, maintain, place, or possess in the city any of the following:

1. Any pin game, any marble game or any game similar to a marble game, or any horse race machine the operation of which game or machine is controlled, permitted or made a variable by placing therein a coin, plug, disk, key, or token or which is let for use, operation or play upon the payment or delivery of anything of value therefor, or upon the making of any purchase.

2. Any mechanical device or mechanically operated contrivance for the playing of any game of chance, the use or operation of which is controlled, permitted or made available by placing therein any coin, plug, disk, key or token, or which is let for use, operation, or play upon the payment or delivery of anything of value therefor, or upon the making of any purchase.

B. Exception. The provisions of subsection A of this section shall not apply to the keeping, possessing, or exhibiting of any such mechanical contrivance or device at or in any mercantile store in which such mechanical contrivances or devices are kept solely for sale and which mechanical contrivances or devices members of the public are not permitted or allowed to operate, manipulate or play except as incident to a demonstration for the purpose of sale.

(Prior code �� 4275.1, 4275.2)

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