Stinkbombs Outlawed!

according to the Prohibition of Stink Bombs Law.

30-371. Prohibition of stink bombs.


(a) No person shall sell or offer for sale, either as an individual or as an officer, member, agent, servant, or employee of any firm, partnership, association, or corporation, nor shall any person possess, within the City limits, a novelty item, commonly sknown as a stink bomb, that when activated gives off a distinct and noxious odor.

(b) Each sale, attempted sale or possession shall constitute a separate offense against the City and, upon conviction thereof, may be chargeable as such.

(Ord. No. 16778, � 1(21-3.1, 21-3.2), 7-13-82; Ord. No. 17026, � 1, 1-18-83; Code 1980, � 30-281)

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