Ohio constitution bans idiots from voting

Back when the Ohio constitution was written in 1802, the mentally ill were referred to as idiots rather then to more politically correct terms used today. So, it was written in the constitution that idiots were banned from voting. However, such provisions did not apply to those running for office, so it’s possible to elect an idiot into office.

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    • ryan, first off, u used black as an insult, i think ur racist. second, whats wrong with obama?



      November 16, 2011

    • So THAT explains why my grandpa didn’t vote! He lived in Cincinnati but his reputation for being incredibly stupid extended for miles. Thanks for making me laugh!



      January 28, 2011

    • im from ohio,we’re not all idiots……….just most of use



      January 4, 2011

    • Actually,

      I’m from Michigan. we are all f’in idiots up here.


      Rebma Reply:

      im from Pa and were no better but atleast we arent david



      July 2, 2010

    • So show without a doubt that youre not only an idiot but foul mouthed too? good job David



      June 19, 2010

    • Lol I’m from ohio too, and I know a lot of idiot and a lot of smart people. I did not vote for obama, don’t like obama, and don’t think I ever will like him. Just because I don’t like him, doesn’t mean I am a racist. That’s ignorance at its finest. I don’t like a lot of white people, does that make me hate all white people? Think before you speak. David, you are probably some ten year old kid who lives on some farm and wants to be ghetto. Do us all a favor and never talk again. Your ignorance and stupidity are overwhelming.



      January 31, 2010

    • Fuk u dirty black homoe Imm not racist so suk my penor



      November 29, 2009

    • i think david is a prime example of why this law should be in place. there is nothing more entertaining than seeing some one talk shit to someone they will never meet, and at the same time proving what the person has said to be true. i am from ohio as well, and hell, most of the people i know are pure stupid.


      Jack of jokers Reply:

      Lol I’m from Ohio and bob made me laugh also David you are a idiot so shut up. Also Obama has done nothing
      wrong. Yet. So Ryan I take it your a smidge racist.



      October 31, 2009

    • David, judging by the fact that Ohio voters have elected Strickland, elected Marc Dann, and voted for Obama, I’d say Bob has a pretty good point.



      September 1, 2009

    • you tell him david.



      August 14, 2009

    • FUCK YOU bob! I’m from Ohio! Say that shit to my face, you motherfuckin’ cock suckin’ fagot ass BITCH!!!!!!!!!



      August 7, 2009

    • well, i guess that means the entire ohio poulation is banned from voting.



      March 18, 2009

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