Commit your crimes on Sundays or the 4th of July

Committing a crime on Sunday or the 4th of July will not get you in trouble as this Ohio law states you cannot be arrested on those days.

Section 2331.12
General Assembly: 100.
Bill Number: House Bill 1
Effective Date: 10-1-53No person shall be arrested during a sitting of the senate or house of representatives, within the hall where such session is being held, or in any court of justice, during the sitting of such court, or on Sunday, or on the fourth day of July.

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    • Steve

      March 28, 2011

    • i would tell the cops that this is a law.but if they asked me where i seen this i wouldnt want to tell them



      January 5, 2011

    • This prohibition only applies to CIVIL Arrests… As such, you can still be arrested for Criminal Offenses… Akron v Mingo, 169 Ohio St. 511



      August 3, 2010

    • If you keep reading the surrounding sections of the code, there are stipulations. Arrests can be made for felonies, larceny, etc. on those days. Check Ohio Rev. Code section 2331.13. So it depends on what you’re being arrested for.



      April 19, 2010

    • it’s true. i’m taking it as my bill for youth in government. its section 2331.12 of the ohio revised code. no cops actually follow it, but i talked to the jackson county judge and he looked it up and told me it was true.



      April 12, 2010

    • That law can be found here.



      December 21, 2009

    • i was arrested on a sunday in oxford ohio. i even told this to the cop and they told me to shut up.



      October 31, 2009

    • This is a real law and if you brought it up in court your case would probably have to be thrown out however they can still arrest you the next day…provided it’s not Sunday
      check the facts



      February 7, 2009

    • WellWell, Does that mean I get to sue both Euclid, Ohio AND South Euclid, Ohio ?
      I was arrested on the 4th of Jul.1987 in Euclid for a warrant put out on me by South Euclid in 1986 WHILE I WAS STATIONED OVERSEAS,for a traffic ticket I had PAID in 1974, THEN Euclid charged me with disturbing the peace because I was MAD due to fact I was only home in the states ON LEAVE TO BURY MY GRANDFATHER and I am arrested for a ticket I paid 13 years before ? THEN I had to post BOND, BE ARRESTED the next day, SUNDAY, by South Euclid, kept in a cell for 3 days, NO phone calls, NO seeing a Judge, I saw some Probation guy that fined me AGAIN !!!! THEN in 1991 I was back in the States for good, got assaulted and the University Circle Detective said He ED, by the way, theres a warrant for you from South Euclid. THEY WANTED ME TO PAY THAT FINE AGAIN !!!!!!!!
      And whats the worse is these fools get away with it.


      j.l.n.b Reply:

      are you sure you wasn’t in Ironton Ohio? sounds like it.



      December 15, 2008

    • Umm yeah, I don’t know about the rest of Ohio, but I called and asked about this in Akron, and it’s not true. They arrest A LOT of people on the 4th…Think about in, a lot of drunks and fireworks…bound to be trouble.



      October 4, 2008

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