No 2 for 1 promo for alcohol

So, I guess they can sell the 2nd beer for 1 cent?

Sec. 6-3-7. Alcohol promotions. No licensee or employee or agent of a licensee shall engage in any of the following practices in connection with the sale or other disposition of alcoholic beverages: (1) The giving away of any ticket, token or any other item that can be exchanged for any alcoholic beverages with the sale of any other alcoholic beverage; (2) The sale of two (2) or more alcoholic beverages for a single price, or the sale of one (1) alcoholic beverage with a ticket, token or any other item redeemable for a subsequent alcoholic beverage. Also prohibited hereunder is the sale of all such beverages a customer can or desires to drink at a single price. (Ord. of 8-8-91, § 8)

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