It’s illegal to wear dark sunglasses or a hood

I guess they are trying to catch the unabomber in this city…

Sec. 14-3. Wearing masks, hoods in public places.

It shall be unlawful for any person to be and appear on any of the public streets of the city or in any of the public places of the city wearing a mask, hood or other apparel or regalia in such manner as to conceal his identity, or in such manner that his face is not fully visible, or in such manner that he may not be recognized; provided, that the provisions of this section shall not be applicable to or enforced against children sixteen (16) years of age and under who may participate in traditional Halloween activities on the evening of the last day in October of each year, and who may be garbed in the usual or customary children’s Halloween costumes.

(Code 1964, � 17-31)

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    • Dark Colored glasses such as sunglasses effect a persons IQ. Especially when wearing them indoors. The Stupid look is not an attractive one.



      October 26, 2011

    • Where in that law does it say anything about sunglasses? People need to stop putting their own spin on the laws they’re posting.



      July 21, 2011

    • Steve wrote ranting about the government getting in our live, (the US government), but this site is Georgia laws. Maybe he should have ranted about the Georgis Gov.



      April 11, 2011

    • Is this illegal in all states? Well that law is fucking ridiculous. Don’t you think that the government is getting too much power? They can send a letter to you that says you have to fight (and probably die) in the army. Fuck the government! Fuck you for putting up with them!



      October 24, 2010

    • Actually, these laws are to safeguard against robbers and thieves in public arenas. Thsnik about it. A guy in full mask comes into your store, robs you, & disappears. Want to look at some mug books?



      June 8, 2010

    • I have worn both a hood and sunglasses in Dublin and nothing was ever said to me… it gets damn cold and very sunny here. Screw you guys!!!



      August 19, 2009

    • Actually, this law is used in conjucntion with others– attempted home invasion for example– to add charges to the perp’s list of wrongdoings.



      March 23, 2009

    • It seems to me that this law would violate the right to privacy. It also puts people at risk in states where the weather can drop to deadly temperatures when a mask and hood would be considered appropriate protection from the elements.

      So much for the land of the free, when you can’t even wear a hood and mask without violating a law. You guys in Washington, and those of you making our countries laws need to drop some of these nonsense laws. If this was enacted to keep people from wearing KKK outfits then you really need to ban KKK related clothing, not hoods and masks of all types.

      Stop restricting our freedom when it doesn’t directly harm another person.



      October 17, 2008

    • nice of them to add the ‘halloween’ clause



      September 26, 2008

    • Actually this law was enacted to prevent individuals from wearing KKK outfits.



      February 27, 2007

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