It’s illegal to go to a public beach

Hum…  so I guess there are no public beachs in Destin

Sec. 15-37. Recreational activities. No person in a park shall: (a) Bathing and swimming. (1) Designated areas. Swim, bathe, or wade in any waters or waterways in or adjacent to any park, except in such waters and at such places as are provided therefor, and in compliance with such regulations as are herein set forth or may hereafter be adopted. Nor shall any person frequent any waters or places customarily designated for the purpose of swimming or bathing, or congregate thereat when such activity is prohibited by the city upon a finding that such use of the water would be dangerous or otherwise inadvisable. (2) Certain hours. Frequent any waters or places designated for the purpose of swimming or bathing, or congregate thereat, except between the hours of sunrise and sunset, or as otherwise posted. (3) Structure on beach. Erect, maintain, use or occupy on or in any beach or bathing area any tent, shelter or structure of any kind unless there shall be an unobstructed view into said tent, shelter or structure from at least two (2) sides; nor shall any guy wire, rope or extension or exterior brace or support be connected or fastened from any such structure to any other structure, stake, rock or other object outside thereof. (4) Bath-houses. Dress or undress on any beach, or in any vehicle, toilet or other place, except in such bathing houses or structures as may be provided for that purpose. (b) Boating. (1) Designated areas. Bring into or operate any boat, raft, or other water craft, whether motor-powered or not, upon any waters, except at places designated for boating by the city. Such activity shall be in accordance with applicable regulations as are now or may hereafter be adopted. (2) Prohibition during closing hours. Launch, dock, or operate any boat of any kind on any waters between the closing hour of the park at night and opening hour the following morning, nor shall any person be on, or remain on or in, any boat during the said closed hours of the park. (c) Picnic areas and use. (1) Regulated. Picnic or lunch in a place other than those designated for that purpose. (2) Availability. Violate the regulation that use of the individual fireplaces, gazebos or pavilions, together with tables and benches follows generally the rule of “First come, first served, unless permitted and reserved through the recreation department with a deposit.” (3) Nonexclusive. Use any portion of the picnic areas or of any of the buildings or structures therein for the purpose of holding picnics to the exclusion of other persons, nor shall any person use such area and facilities for an unreasonable time if the facilities are crowded. (4) Duty of picnicker. Leave a picnic area before the fire is completely extinguished and before all trash in the nature of boxes, papers, cans, bottles, garbage and other refuse is placed in the disposal receptacles where provided. If no such trash receptacles are available, then refuse and trash shall be carried away from the park area by the picnicker to be properly disposed of elsewhere. (d) Camping. No person shall set up tents, shacks, or any other temporary shelter for the purpose of overnight camping, nor shall any person leave in a park after closing hours any movable structure or special vehicle to be used or that could be used for such purpose, such as house-trailer, camp-trailer, camp-wagon, car, truck or the like. (e) Games. Take part in or abet the playing of any games involving thrown or otherwise propelled objects such as balls, stones, arrows, javelins or model airplanes except in areas set apart for such forms of recreation. The playing of rough or comparatively dangerous games such as football, baseball and soccer is prohibited except on the fields and courts or areas provided therefor. Roller-skating and driving golf balls shall be confined to those areas specifically designated for such pastime. (f) Horseback riding. Ride a horse except on designated bridle trails. Where permitted, horses shall be thoroughly broken and properly restrained, and ridden with due care, and shall not be allowed to graze or go unattended, nor shall they be hitched to any structure, equipment, furniture, rock, tree or shrub. (Ord. No. 117, § 7, 9-5-89; Ord. No. 345, § 6, 4-17-00) Cross references: Camping restricted on beaches and recreational areas, § 15-6.


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