It is illegal to play bingo drunk

It’s illegal to allow anyone to play bingo while intoxicated

SECTION 8-1016. CONDITIONS OF OPERATION. It is unlawful for any bingo game to be operated in violation of any of the following conditions: (a) No minors shall be allowed to participate in any bingo game; (b) All bingo games shall be open to the public, not just to members of the nonprofit organization; (c) No person shall be allowed to participate in a bingo game, unless the person is physically present at the time and place in which the bingo game is being conducted; (d) The total value of prizes awarded during the conduct of any bingo game shall not exceed two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) in cash or kind, or both, for each separate game which is held; (e) Attendance at any bingo game shall be limited to the occupancy capacity of the room as set forth in the permit; (f) No permittee shall issue chips or money to a patron on credit or a loan, including but not limited to IOU’s and checks to be held, nor shall patrons be allowed to play on credit; (g) No person who is obviously intoxicated shall be allowed to participate in a bingo game; (h) No permittee shall conduct any bingo game except between the hours of twelve noon and twelve midnight, nor shall any permittee conduct bingo games for more than four (4) hours during any 24-hour period, nor shall any permittee conduct bingo games more than two (2) days in any seven-day period; except at locations within a target area from Highway 41 to Tuolomne Street between Broadway/H and Q Street, wherein bingo games may be conducted any day of the week; and further, no location, including a single building or a series of contiguous rooms or buildings, shall be utilized to conduct bingo games more than eight (8) hours during any twenty-four-hour period; (i) No person shall violate any condition attached to the permit; (j) The permittee shall post and keep posted in a conspicuous place within the room in which bingo is being played the rules and regulations of said games; (k) No person shall conduct any bingo game after the permit therefor has expired or during any period in which it is suspended; (l) The permittee shall conduct a bingo game only on property owned or leased by it, or property whose use is donated to the organization, and which property is used by such organization for an office or for performance of purposes for which the organization is organized. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to require that the property owned or leased by or whose use is donated to the organization be used or leased exclusively by or donated exclusively to such organization; (m) The permittee shall keep for three (3) years a written record of the name, address, and date of birth or driver’s license number of each person receiving a prize of a cash value or market value exceeding ten dollars ($10.00), which records shall be made available to the Police Chief or his designee upon request; (n) For each bingo session, the permittee shall obtain the signature, and shall record on a list the name, address, and date of birth or driver’s license number, of all persons assisting in any manner in the conduct of a bingo game operation. Such list shall be signed by a principal officer of the permittee certifying that all persons assisting in the conduct of the bingo game operation are members of the organization. The list shall be made available for inspection at any time by the Police Chief, the Controller, or their designees; (o) No person operating or assisting in the operation of a bingo game shall participate in any game played during that bingo session. (Added Ord. 78-18, § 1, eff. 3-17-78; Am. Ord. 78-22, § 2, eff. 3-24-78; Am. Ord. 83-15, §§ 12–18, eff. 2-25-83; Am. Ord. 83-20, § 1, eff. 3-4-83; Am. Ord. 83-21, § 1, eff. 3-4-83; Am. Ord. 92-28, § 3, eff. 5-22-92; Am. Ord. 94-18, § 2, eff. 4-29-94; Am. Ord. 98-76, § 1, eff. 11-12-98).

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