It’s illegal to injure or disturb a rock in the city park

I’m sorry Timmy, your dad is going to jail because he stepped on a rock in the park…
SECTION 8-401. PROHIBITED ACTS IN PARKS. Within the limits of any park, no person shall do any of the acts hereinafter specified, to wit: (1) Drive, or let loose any cattle, horse, or other livestock, provided that this shall not apply to dogs when led by a cord or chain not more than six feet long. (2) Sell any tickets for a performance or activity or seek contributions for a performance or activity, whether conducted in the park or elsewhere, except with the prior written permission of the Park Superintendent. (3) Cut, break, injure, deface, or disturb any tree, shrub, plant, rock, building, cage, pen, monument, fence, bench, or other structure, apparatus, or property; or pluck, pull up, cut, take or remove any shrub, bush, plant, or flower, or mark or write upon any building, monument, fence, bench or other structure, or carry any flowers, shrubs, or branches into or through any park. (4) Cut or remove any wood, turf, grass, soil, rock, sand, or gravel. (5) Distribute any commercial handbills, or circulars, or post, place, or erect any bill notice, paper, or advertising device, or matter of any kind. (6) Swim, bathe, wade in, or pollute the water of any fountain, pond, lake, or stream, except that wading and swimming shall be permitted in pools provided for these purposes. (7) Make or kindle a fire for any purpose, except at places provided for such purpose, unless prior special permission be obtained therefore from the Park Superintendent. (8) Camp or lodge therein at any place not set apart for that purpose without prior written permission of the Park Superintendent. (9) Ride, drive, or propel any vehicle elsewhere than on the paths, roads, or drives provided for such purpose. (10) Indulge in riotous, boisterous, threatening, indecent or immoral conduct, or abusive, threatening, profane language or throw stones or missiles. (11) Sell, or offer for sale, any merchandise, article or thing, whatsoever, without prior written permission of the Park Superintendent. (12) Hitch, fasten or ride any horse, or other animal, except at a place specially designated and provided for such purpose; ride or drive any horse or animal not well broken and under control of the driver. (13) Play or practice golf or archery, or fly motor driven model aircraft in any park except in areas specifically designated and posted for such purpose. (14) Play or bet at or against any game which is played, conducted, dealt or carried on with cards, dice, or other device, for money, chips, shell, credit, or other representative of value, or maintain or exhibit any gambling table or other instrument of gambling or gaming, or play any game prohibited by any provision of this Code. (15) Practice, carry on, conduct, or solicit for any trade, occupation, business, or profession, without the written permission of the Park Superintendent. (16) Row, or sail on any pond, lake or waters in any boat or raft, excepting one provided for that purpose by the city or holder of boating privileges, without first obtaining the written permission of the Park Superintendent. (17) Drive, or have any dray, truck, wagon, cart or other traffic vehicle, carrying or used or employed in carrying goods, merchandise, lumber, oil, dirt, manure, sand, or soil, or any article of trade or commerce, or any offensive article or material whatsoever, upon any road or drive, except when the same is being done for the improvement of the park, and at the direction of the Park Superintendent. (18) Play, or engage in any game, excepting at such place as shall be especially set apart for that purpose. (19) Enter, remain, stay, loiter, park or leave standing any vehicle between the hours of twelve o’clock midnight and five o’clock a.m. of the following day, without the written permission of the Park Superintendent; provided that this subdivision of this section shall not prevent persons from camping overnight (with or without vehicles) in any portion of any park set aside for that purpose. (20) Take into, exhibit or use in any park any firearm, air gun, sling shot, firecrackers, torpedoes, rockets, or other fireworks, or other articles of like character. (21) Go upon any lawn or grass plot, where prohibited by the Park Superintendent, and which prohibition is indicated by proper and legible signs. (22) Open, expose, or interfere with any water or gas pipe, hydrant, stopcock, sewer, basin, or other construction, in any park. (23) Hang behind any vehicle, or tow any vehicle of any kind in any park, excepting, however, in case of breakdowns within a park, the disabled vehicle may be towed to the nearest point of exit. (24) No sound amplification system used for the amplification of music shall be permitted to be used in any park except in areas designated by the Park Superintendent. No sound amplification system shall be permitted to be used in any park without the prior approval of the Park Superintendent, who may deny approval if such use will unduly disturb users of, or neighbors to, the park. The permittee shall keep the sound level of such amplification system at a reasonable level to avoid disturbing other people using the park. The determination of a reasonable sound level shall be the judgment of the patrolman on duty and all instructions of the patrolman shall be complied with immediately. Any group desiring the use city installed public address systems at such facilities in a park shall be required to employ an operator for the system who has been approved by the Park Superintendent and paid such reasonable fee as may be prescribed by the Park Superintendent. (Orig. Ord. 1076, 3244, and 3356; Am. Ord. 5311, 1958; Am. Ord. 6007, 1961; Am. Ord. 6915, 1966; Am. Ord. 67-138, 1968; Am. Ord. 72-41, 1972).

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