Hope you can swim because no life jackets allowed

You are not allowed to wear a life-jacket near the Spokane River.

Listing 10.19.010 Swimming in River.

A. No person may intentionally enter, swim, dive, or float, with or without a boat, raft, craft, or other flotation device, in or upon the water of the Spokane River at any point between the east line of the Division Street bridge and the west line of the Monroe Street Bridge.

B. The chief of police may, in accordance with procedures and criteria the chief may from time to time prescribe, grant permits for a person or persons to be in that portion of the Spokane River known as the forebay, being the south channel between Havermale Island and the south bank.

C. The fact that a person is wearing or in possession of swimming, diving, or flotation gear or equipment on the bank of the river in the prohibited portion is sufficient ground for an arrest for attempt under this section and shall be prima facie evidence of intent.

(Ord. C-29692)

Effective Date: 5/30/1990. Passed On: 4/30/1990


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    • I’m with someone cool on this one



      April 28, 2011

    • Pretty harsh…sink or swim huh! WOW, and if you do wear one…is someone going to arrest you? Or just take off your life jacket and throw you in the river? :)


      Oregon Resident

      December 4, 2010

    • Um…waterfall?



      June 10, 2010

    • chuck norris could probrably walk thru there


      Someone cool Reply:

      hahaha that is funny



      May 1, 2009

    • haha go take a look at the river between those two streets



      November 14, 2008

    • … doesn’t this law just say that you can be arrested for wearing a life jacket in an area where boating is prohibited, because it implies that you plan to boat there? It doesn’t outlaw life vests.



      September 8, 2008

    • Anyone dumb enough to swim in that section of water might as well forget about the life jacket anyway.


      Chuck Norris

      July 15, 2008

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