Babies arent allowed to be nude on the beach

They really need to reconsider putting some age clauses in this.

Sec. 38-61. Definitions.

Nude means any person insufficiently clothed in any manner so that any of the following body parts are not entirely covered with a fully opaque covering:

(1) The male or female genitals.

(2) The male or female pubic area.

(3) The female breast.

(4) The buttocks.

Body paint, body dyes, tattoos, liquid latex whether wet or dried, and similar substances shall not be considered opaque covering. Each female person may determine which one fourth of her breast surface area (see definition of breast) contiguous to and containing the nipple and the areola is to be covered.

Sec. 38-66. Nudity prohibited in public.

It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly, intentionally or recklessly appear, or cause another person to appear, nude in a public place or in any other place which is readily visible to the public, except as provided in section 38-67 and F.S. � 383.015. It shall also be lawful for any person or entity maintaining, owning or operating any public place establishment to encourage, suffer or allow any person to appear nude in such public place, except as provided in this section.

(Code 1976, � 14-61)


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