You can only have two toilets in your home

On Waldron Island, building code states that no building struction shall contain more than two potable water toilets. This is mostly for conservation of water. It’s stupid because people piss regardless of the number of toilets.

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    • So has anyone secretly had a third toilet and gone to jail for not reporting it or aquiring the proper permits? :) This law just sounds funny…that’s why it’s gets made fun of. Hard to imagine a law on toilets. Then again I’m from Salem OR where it’s illegal for women to wrestle! So…who knows!


      Oregon Resident

      December 4, 2010

    • It’s also to prevent excessive development.


      Formerly from Waldron

      November 29, 2008

    • Well, that’s because there is no sewer, and most people have outhouses, and piss behind tress (of which there are copious amounts)


      Waldron Woman

      June 5, 2008

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