Pinball is for Adults ONLY!

Appearantly pinball is for adults only, at least in Nashville Tennessee where it is a crime to allow anyone under the age of 18 to play with a pinball machine.

11.28.060 Operation of pinball machines.


A. It is unlawful for any person having custody or charge of any pinball machine where the same may be operated to permit any minor under the age of eighteen years to play, operate or use any such machine or to loiter about the same.

B. For the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this section, the burden of proof shall be upon any person having control or custody of such machine to establish the age of minors using such machine, and for this purpose the possession of a selective service registration card shall be prima facie evidence of the age of such minor.

C. For the purpose of this section, a “pinball machine” shall be defined as a coin-operated gaming device as defined in Title 26, Section 2462, United States Code Annotated. All such gaming devices shall be separated from other coin-operated devices by a partition to insure minors are not allowed nearer than ten feet to the gaming devices. Further, all such machines, as defined herein, shall have a sign placed on the upper right-hand corner of said machine, no less than five inches by eight inches in size, stating that said machine can not be operated by a person under eighteen years of age. For the purpose of this subsection, a “partition” shall be defined as a solid nontransparent wall or similar structure designed to prevent persons from entering or exiting, except through a door.

(Prior code � 29-1-41)


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