It’s illegal to play catch with your kid in a city park without a written permission from the director of public works

I guess they REALLY want to control how their children are raised in this town.


It shall be unlawful to throw or hit or knock any baseball with a ball bat or any other instrument or engage in or play the game of baseball in any other manner on any city park or playground without first obtaining written permission to do so from the Director of Public Works. The Director of Public Works is hereby authorized and empowered to specify the conditions under which the game of baseball may be engaged in or played at any city park or playground. For the purposes of this section, the term �baseball� shall mean any ball having a circumference of less than 11� inches or a weight of less than six ounces and which is commonly used in the game known as baseball.

(’63 Code, � 11-6.04) (Ord. 109-C.S., passed 9-6-68; Am. Ord. 375-C.S., passed 10-19-82)


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