It’s illegal to have snowball fights

You are under arrest Timmy, for throwing a snowball at your brother in your backyard. 

Section 15.04.210 Unlawful to throw stones, snowballs or discharge guns and other missiles.

It shall be unlawful for any person to throw any stone, snowball or other missile, or discharge any bow, blowgun, slingshot, gun, catapult, or other device, upon or at any vehicle, building, or other public or private property, or upon or at any person, or in any public way or place which is public in nature.

(Ord. No. 46-1974, � 1; Ord. No. 5-1975, � 1: Code 1971, � 13-35)

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    • if haveing a snowball fight is illegal in colorado, then building a snowman, making snow angels should also be illegal. every kid in colorado has had a snowball fight at school, at home at least once. this has got to be one of the must unreasonable fucked up law in the us.


      all crazy

      May 15, 2013

    • I have them all the time and i do not get in trouble i think it’s fake



      May 16, 2011

    • wtf? i have them ALL THE TIME… wow..



      September 25, 2010

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