Giraffe + Telephone Pole = Illegal

Once upon a time Vermont had a law that deemed  it illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole.

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    • On another web site a sketch of a telephone pole with a Giraffe tied to it is displayed it shows a tall poll and tiny Girffae only the height of 4 runs on the pole used to climb the pole. I commented on it as follows – ( Georgia Law for that state, Vermont for this one of your websites )

      You have drawn an incorrect sketch.

      The Giraffe was a problem for the alies in the world war.
      As the Americans added telephone wire , and telephone poles to communicate.
      They found, a big problem existed , that did not exist in their own part of the world.
      They had to go back later and and raise up all the telephone poles , and wires again afterwards
      that they had put in since they wanted to use them. I believe 25 feet or higher above .
      They had to raise their height , if they wanted to utilize their phone without having continual service disruption.


      They the Giraffe if your skecth was drawn correctly would run and run fast in a herd, and could not duck below the
      telephone wire intercepting it on the neck below the head and thus snapping them all to peaces
      ( this is also painfull to the beast since
      they can’t go under them , they went through them ).

      The drawing if drawn correctly would also show the Giraffe as the biggest eater of telephone wire , had they not been raised
      when they put them in they were at perfect eating height for the Giraffe , Giraffe’s eat trees and telephone poles are from trees
      and the have powerful cable cutting choppers.

      I suspect the then city officials in Georgia learned a lot about the Giraffe, that someone brought over one day.
      I hope he wasn’t electrocuted on electrical wires. Imagine if a human being was able to contact them so readily, and others witnessed
      it or an outage from it and tried to prevent it by a law like this which is all they could probably do , since many would call that an unsafe
      condition, and in humane are these the people that should be called dumb and stupid as the title of your column indicates.



      June 15, 2013

    • I would want to know why that’s a law and where to get a giraffe so that i can have a giraffe festival and tie a giraffe to every telephone pole in vermont! XD That would be something to see!



      August 28, 2012

    • I just want to know what happened to give a need for this law lmao



      March 3, 2010

    • Ok so whats the penalty for it cause like do you get arrested or fined or what and what happens to the giraffe do they inpound it, set it free, boot it what?



      December 11, 2009

    • Where would you get a giraffe in Vermont and WHY would you tie it to a telephone pole??? That is juat very strange…



      April 20, 2009

    • we do;n’t even have geraffes up here!!


      billy bob joe

      February 8, 2009

    • wtf kind of law is that


      bobby jones

      October 30, 2008

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