Firearm + Fishing = Illegal

You are not allowed to fish with a firearm in Oregon. Well there goes the fun in fishing!

23-3-201. Fishing tackle; designation of waters for setline fishing; taking fish with firearm prohibited; snagging; penalties.


(a) Except as otherwise provided, fish may only be taken or fished for with a maximum of two (2) rods or poles, with lines and hooks attached, and with the user in attendance.

(b) No line shall have more than three (3) single or treble hooks, flies or lures. As used in this section:
(i) “Hook” means a single device regardless of the number of prongs; and
(ii) “Lure” means a single device regardless of the number of hooks.

(c) The commission may designate specified waters as being open to setline fishing and the number of setlines to be used. In those waters subsection (a) does not apply. The commission may also designate specified waters in which otherwise permissible tackle or bait may not be used.

(d) No person shall take, wound or destroy any fish of Wyoming with a firearm of any kind or nature.

(e) No person shall snag any fish of Wyoming except as specifically authorized by the commission. For purposes of this subsection, “snag” means attempting to take a fish in such a manner that the fish does not take the hook voluntarily in its mouth.

(f) Violation of subsection (a), (b), (c) or (e) of this section constitutes a 9th degree misdemeanor. Violation of subsection (d) of this section constitutes an 8th degree misdemeanor.

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