No trombone concerts to advertise auctions.

In Salt Lake County, one is not allowed to advertise an auction by hiring trombone players.

5.54.310 Unlawful activities designated.


All auctioneers are forbidden to conduct their sales in such manner as to cause people to gather in crowds on the sidewalks so as to obstruct the same; nor shall they use immoral or indecent language in crying their sales, or make or cause to be made noisy acclamations such as ringing of bells, blowing of whistles, or otherwise, though not enumerated here, through the streets in advertising their sales; and no bellman or crier, drum or fife or other musical instrument or noisemaking means of attracting the attention of passersby, except the customary auctioneer’s flags, shall be employed or suffered to be used at or near any place of sale or at or near any auction room, or near any auction whatsoever.

(Prior code 14-1-30)

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