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Stupid Laws

You must get a permit to wear a mask on halloween

Wow, these law makers really need to think about what laws they are putting in the book.

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Trick-or-treating is now allowed on Halloween

Because all the witches will kidnap the children. Parents, it’s appearantly illegal or was illegal to trick-or-treat on halloween.

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Better not dress up as a priest on halloween

Good idea, but poor wording of the law.  Not enough thought has gone into this to take into account of actors or special events such as halloweens and other situations where this may not apply.

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It’s illegal to wear dark sunglasses or a hood

I guess they are trying to catch the unabomber in this city…

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Can’t trick or treat after 8PM

Whats with all the laws that restrict fun and celebration

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While in Huntsville, if you see someone in an animal control officer uniform that means by law the person is in fact an animal control officer…

So… does that mean during halloween, by law there are a bunch dead people running around?

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